lorie hoyt nguyen - studio owner and trainer

I started practicing Pilates in 2009 because of low-back pain after childbirth. Being involved in athletics my entire life, I became mat certified as a way to "get out" and work a little while home with my boys.

In 2014 I became comprehensively certified through Power Pilates, completing the classical 600hr program. I believe in the Pilates integrated system, fundamentals and that movement is essential to health and wellness. After 10 years experience, I enjoy helping others move to feel good, meet their physical goals and help people gain strength to support their daily movements.

With a BA in Sociology from St. Edward’s University in Austin, a M.Ed. from New England College in Henniker, NH I’ve worked as a farm hand, a social worker, and 5/6 grade English teacher. I think gardening should be considered an official sport. I love walking and hiking for miles and need to be close to or on the water.


caitlin brook - trainer

A trip to physical therapy for chronic back pain was Caitlin’s introduction to Pilates. As a competitive athlete and adventurer, her unrestricted activities become limited and painful, causing her to reevaluate the relationship with her own body. Instead of an instrument to be used, Pilates has allowed a refocus on connecting her mind and body to be used as one unit, pain-free.

Caitlin brings a level of excitement and engagement that helps clients develop body awareness and reconnect with themselves through Pilates. She is a compassionate teacher and active supporter of those seeking healthy changes in their lives. Caitlin believes whole-heartedly in Pilates as a transformational life practice, capable of creating vibrant health and true wellness in anyone who commits themselves to the work.

She is a 2017 graduate of The Pilates Center of Boulder. Caitlin also holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of New Hampshire.