Mat Classes

Mondays 9a (Int/Adv) w/lorie

Wednesdays 4p (Beg/Int) w/Rori (August)

Weekly, ongoing mat classes offer the ultimate challenge with no springs, bars or straps. It's just you, your mat and gravity. Come ready to work every part of your body and leave feeling stronger, longer, more flexible and centered.  To deepen ones' Pilates practice we often use one of the following provided props: foam roller, bands, magic circle, light hand-weights and/or small inflated balls.

  • Beginner/Intermediate taught at deliberate to moderate pace.

  • Intermediate/Advanced taught at moderate to accelerated pace.

  • MindBody class registration required for these 50-55 min classes. Previous mat is recommended.

  • $18 drop-in, $150 for 10 class card. or $15 student rate.

  • $500 Deducting Balance option - discounted mat class ($15) for those attending a variety of classes/sessions.

  • Cancellation required 24 hrs in advance.

  • Class card: 4 month expiration from purchase date.

Pull Up on the Wunda Chair

Pull Up on the Wunda Chair


  • Private - The most personalized session with varied use of equipment.

    $75 session, $700 for 10 or $45 student rate or 30 minute session.

  • Duo/Duet - The same as a private, taught to two students. $45/person, $450/10 pack or $30 student rate.

  • Trio - Three-person session. $30/person, $20 student rate.

  • $500 Deducting Balance option - discounted prices when attending a variety of sessions: private session (70), mat (15), duo(43), and/or trio/class (28).

  • By appointment only. All sessions - 55 minutes.

Tower on the Cadillac

Tower on the Cadillac

Reformer and Tower Classes - 3 slots

Reformer - Wednesdays @9a w/lorie

Tower - Wednesdays at 12p w/Rori (August)

A full-body workout comprised of a series of systematic integrated exercises designed to lengthen, strengthen and align your body. Space for 3 allows for individual instruction and attention to personal needs. These are fun classes, leaving one feeling challenged, energized, and stronger.

  • Registration via MindBody required.

  • 55 minute class, taught at moderate pace.

  • $30/person, previous Pilates experience recommended, but not required.

  • Please sign up 24 in advance. Need two slots filled to run class.

  • One person = $20 guided workout with instructor moving w/you.