Lorie Hoyt Nguyen - Studio Owner and Instructor

Lorie started practicing Pilates in 2009 because of low-back pain after childbirth. Being involved in athletics her entire life, she became mat certified as a way to "get out" and work a little while home with her boys.

In 2014 she became comprehensively certified through Power Pilates, completing the classical 600hr program. Strong belief in the Pilates integrated system, fundamentals and that movement is essential to health and wellness, she helps keeps people moving. After 10 years experience, helping others move to feel good, meet their physical goals and help people gain strength to support their daily movements is her main goal. “I love the amount of learning through Pilates. Learning about our bodies, how to connect to new muscles, that Pilates can be different every day because we are different every day. It’s all a process and a practice.”

With a BA in Sociology from St. Edward’s University in Austin, and a M.Ed. from New England College in Henniker, NH, she’s worked as a farm hand, a social worker and 5/6 grade English teacher, among others. In her spare time, you might find lorie walking, hiking, on or near the water or trying to relax with family and friends.

Jen Micoleau - Instructor

Jen considers herself a perpetual student of the human body. She has studied yoga, figurative clay sculpture, Polarity Therapy and Pilates to learn more of the body’s natural and amazing potential to achieve balance through growth, change, and adaptation.

“Movement powered by intentional breathing and focused mind-body awareness opens up channels in the body for energetic vibrations to flow freely.” Perhaps a bit esoteric, but this is pretty much how Jen’s mind works, and what excites her about Pilates.

Creating bodies from the inside out, she developed a unique understanding of the human body both anatomically and energetically, as well as how bodies move through space. She uses this to help you “embody your body,” awakening and enlivening your connection to yourself and your environment.

As a teacher, Jen is caring, gentle, encouraging, while consistently challenging you to fulfill your potential. Her hope is that you will find through Pilates not only strength and stability, but also the ease to move your body unconsciously with grace.

Jen grew up in Portland, Maine. She holds a BA in Studio Art from American Universitywith a minor in English Literature, and a BFA in Graphic Design from Maine College of Art. She has been a certified yoga teacher since 2004, became a Power Pilates instructor in 2008, and has been a student of classical Pilates since 1997. She graduated from The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO in 2013. Jen also holds two Yin Yoga and Guided Meditation Teaching Certifications and a Pranayama Teaching Certification. Most recently, Jen has been accepted into The Pilates Center'sMaster's Program! She is very excited to immerse herself into the work at a deeper level. 


Rori Smith - Instructor

Rori Smith is an improvisational dancer and movement researcher. Rori began studying Pilates to support her dancing – to cultivate a more articulate spine and to investigate the conditions and effects of her own scoliosis. She entered Pilates as process of self-discovery and, as a teacher, cherishes the ability to steward others in the recognition of their own bodily intuition and intelligence. She firmly believes that as ever-evolving biological systems, there is no end to the new information we can learn from our bodies. As somatic movement pioneer Emilie Conrad said, “Movement is what we are, rather than something we do.”

Rori holds a BA in Anthropology and an MFA in Dance, both from Temple University. She has been a student of classical Pilates since 2010. She graduated from Drexel University’s 450-hour Pilates Training Program in 2018. The classical Pilates repertory, as transmitted by Romana Kryzanowska, is at the core of Rori’s teaching, melded with a deep interest in the nervous system. Her approach to Pilates is somatically informed with the goals of helping students locate themselves in space, increase awareness, and find balance in the body through efficient, satisfying movement.


Caitlin Booke - Guest Instructor

Caitlin brings a level of excitement and engagement that helps clients develop body awareness and reconnect with themselves through Pilates. She is a compassionate teacher and active supporter of those seeking healthy changes in their lives. Caitlin believes whole-heartedly in Pilates as a transformational life practice, capable of creating vibrant health and true wellness in anyone who commits themselves to the work.

She is a 2017 graduate of The Pilates Center of Boulder. Caitlin also holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of New Hampshire.